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Virtualive's Expert Tips on Conducting a Virtual Event

Just like live conferences and meetings, planning virtual event comes in multiple formats and segments. It could be with only one person taking the center stage, or it could be more like a tradeshow or workshop format. The point of conducting any virtual event is to create a unique experience, doing something that stands out and is different than what the competitors are doing.

Our Virtualive experts share their best advice for organising a successful event online.



It is quite common to think how long should an event last? In general, it depends on the context and the audience, but our expert says, an hour is a good ballpark to aim for. So take attention spans into consideration. Any duration longer and your audience might start to lose interest. It's better to Keep individual sessions of smaller duration because looking at a computer screen isn’t the same as seeing someone in person. 



Any event you organise needs to take account of the circumstances we all find ourselves in right now. During the ongoing pandemic, it's important to make an event relevant for the audience to get on board and eventually making the event a success, virtually.



While you want your event to stand out from the mushrooming crowd, it's advisable to not just copy what others are doing. It's better to think about how you can make a difference. To get hold of a situation, you can lean into the insights of your audience, look for a realistic solution to any existing problem, and always ensure you’re leading from the front.



Always remember that the virtual audiences are far harsher than physical ones because it’s much easier to turn off a system than to walk out of a room full of people. If your virtual event involves talks, then just picking speakers and topics isn't enough. You have to mindfully brief the speakers on how to conduct the entire session.



When it comes to choosing any software, you’re bombarded with choices in terms of what to use to host a virtual event. It is advisable to pay close attention to your users and the devices they would be using. Not all tech solutions play well on mobiles, Before you decide on an off-the-shelf tech platform for your virtual event, always check on the security aspect as privacy and data security are important before getting started.



Content is King for any event. But, apart from that, it is important for people to keep watching your event, so you need to find ways to make people involved and engaged. It's beneficial both ways when the entire session is interactive 



During the lockdown phase, given that the virtual events are being conducted on a large scale right now, it’s easy for people to forget they’ve signed up for one. So don’t forget the pre-and post-event communication. You still have to engage your audience with pre-event marketing, to ensure they sign up and actually turn up for your event.

Jot down the Virtualive exclusive tips and take advantage of this technological breakthrough to build your audience, virtually and make your brand a household name.

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