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All-in-One Event Management Solution for In-Person, Hybrid & Virtual Events

Host Large Scale Exhibitions, Fairs, Conferences, Trade Shows & Community Events Globally & Cost Effectively.


Event Check in


Concurrent Sessions


Breakout Rooms


Booth Management


Networking Sessions


Speaker Management




Business Matching


Online Payments


Virtualive Mobile App

Interactive Conferences

Live webinars with automated reminders, audience Q&A and polls ensure your attendees are engaged and learning.

Networking Lounge

Real-time Face to Face Interaction, persistent discussion forums and integrated with Live video calls enable interaction that builds real relationships.

Exhibition Floor

Exhibitors can get the same visibility, or more, from Virtualive's virtual Exhibition Booths and its interactive features gives the exhibitors productive networking.


Built-in Live Agenda, Your Folder, Resource centre, Live Assistance etc are some of the easy to use features brings meaningful networking and business opportunities for your attendees to show up, and stick around.

Create Larger-Than-Life Events And Bring Your Business Global Using Virtualive.








Events Organised

Use the Power of Virtualive to bring your events online and connect to the global community with unbelievable ROI.


Solutions that meet your needs

  • Registration & Online Payment

  • 20+ years experienced event management team

  • Custom Landing page before the event

  • Custom Booth designs

  • Exclusive Branding for the virtual event spaces

  • 100% mobile, responsive & no downloads

  • Ultra-fast loading time

  • Custom visitor registration

  • Online CMS for exhibitors

  • Unlimited registered users

  • Integrated with Google Analytics

  • Live Event Agenda

  • 10 days delivery

  • Social Wall
  • Photo Booth
  • Product Display
  • E-commerce integration
  • Dedicated Events Manager
  • Digital Marketing
  • Live Event Support
  • Event Perfomance Report

Our Brands

Hundreds Of Organisations Trust Virtualive For Their Event Needs

The Only Event Management Solution You Need For All Your In-person, Hybrid Or Virtual Events.

Host it on a feature-packed platform that delights and engages your audience.

Hybrid Event Platform ( Web View)

What our customers Say!

Hybrid Events FAQs

Virtualive: It does support English only. Additional language support can be done on extra cost.

Virtualive: Yes we Do

Virtualive: The platform can be run on your own domain name like;

Virtualive: Yes. We can do it. However, the integration requires its own timeline depending on the complexity of your designs. We can provide the exact cost and timeline after reviewing the designs.

Virtualive: Yes. Video chat between attendee to exhibitor is possible.

Virtualive: Yes. We can.

Virtualive: Yes you can Broadcast Short text/Image Push Notifications in the platform.

Virtualive: Yes. you may access from your organiser dashboard.

Virtualive: There is no limitation as such, but we kept the architecture according to the load of 100,000 users as of now.

Virtualive: We have built-in player, that can support third party hosted videos. But, the video should be in HTTPs and have public permission (not protected).

Virtualive: 100%, you can have a very pleasant event experience in both desktop and Mobile devices.

Virtualive is best for Large scale Expo, Fairs, conferences etc. We have recently launched VirtuaLITE, which is perfect for small medium events. You should try out.

The platform is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The most important feature of AWS is its security. AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure and harden their infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures. Not only is the platform and data protected by highly secure facilities and infrastructure, but they’re also protected by extensive network and security monitoring systems. These systems provide basic but important security measures such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection and password brute-force detection on AWS Accounts.

The platform also utilises the following security measures:

  • SSL Secure Registration and Passwords encrypted again utilizing SHA256
  • Secure Cookies & Storage
  • Unique Certification Authentication – with each client
  • Secure HTTPS access
  • Firewalls
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Centralized key management
  • Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

Please find details from below link

Virtualive: The exhibitors can see the details of the attendees who visited their booths under the post event reports section in admin.

Virtualive: Yes. We have this feature.

Virtualive: We can have a Help Desk that may have the contact information of the organiser and Contact no. generally event Organisers also have their own booth.

Virtualive: Yes. Our team will provide training after you sign up – it will be a 2 hrs session. The training covers “how platform features work, how to set up and manage Booths, Admin feature, event feedback collection” etc.

Virtualive: Yes, we have BreifBag feature available, as long as the platform is active you may download all the items saved in your BreifBag.

Virtualive : We can set up Game boards for Trivia, Redeem & Win, Top Scorer Rewards etc, You need to give us the rules and we can work around with it.

Virtualive: Speakers profile, Attendees profile, exhibitor’s representative should upload their profile pictures.

Virtualive: We have user registration data import feature. If you have the data in other systems, we can import the registration data using CSV file format.

Virtualive: The attendees can search other attendees/exhibitors. Speakers & the session info you can find on Agenda Link.

Virtualive: Yes. One host at a time can share their screen and presentations.

Virtualive: Normally Our livestreaming platform support 10 hosts/panellists per session. If you need more people live broadcast can be arranged on additional cost.

Virtualive: 2 weeks

Virtualive: platform is fully customisable as per your branding, There are free options in-terms of Lobby designs & Booth designs, Booth Menus etc additional customisation might attract extra cost

Virtualive: Please find details from below link

Virtualive: Yes. If you provide us with your preferred designs, we can customize and implement it.

Virtualive: 100%. You can refer to this

Virtualive: Yes. This is possible. There are 3 options available.
  1. 100% livestreaming. Livestreaming and Q&A. We use third party tool for Q&A
  2. Pre-recorded videos played at the scheduled time using livestreaming. Q&A will be done using third party tool.
  3. Pre-recorded videos – On demand. The attendee can watch anytime from Hall 2.

Virtualive: We can have 3 auditoriums where parallel sessions can be scheduled and conducted. We also can add more halls on additional cost.