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Virtual Exhibition- The new normal in Events Industry

The pandemic has eventually pushed the entire ecosystem of events and organizations to substitute the way of functioning. As all the organizations made the transition from physical events to virtual events on all formats, scales & sizes, Virtualive came into existence. 

As a result of continued lockdown, which seems to extend for quite a while has forced many events to go digital. We at Virtualive conduct virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, virtual fairs, and even a virtual expo to meet all the digital requirements at the comfort of your home. 

As we specialize in the virtual expo as well, let's discuss it in detail.

A virtual expo is an event happening on a digital medium where all the exhibitors and attendees are connected virtually through some medium. It simply recreates a physical expo in an online environment with better outreach and maximum capacity. 

Let’s understand why the virtual expo is becoming a popular way of hosting an exhibition, in general.


You can save a lot of money 

How? You don’t need to spend money on the venue, traveling, and accommodation like a physical event. You can cut a lot on production and operation costs, ultimately saving a major chunk to spend on promotions and marketing. 

Time Management 

You can save a lot of time as a virtual event provides a lot of relaxation and cuts the time required for traveling to a particular venue, otherwise! Also, as a host, you can increase the shelf life of the event by making the video available online for the audience to view the event even after it is over. 

Global Outreach 

To attend a virtual event, you don’t have to be at a specific geographical location. You can have an international audience at your event which clearly means that you have an opportunity to host a global event with international exhibitors to attract more people from all over the world. Tip: Just focus on the time zones.

Comfort at Home 

Why get into hassle and make your way through the crowd from one booth to another? Physical events tend to be a mess sometimes which seems inconvenient at a larger scale. In virtual expos, you can visit as many booths as you want and that too at the comfort of your home.


Attract multiple brands to participate in your virtual expo by offering features that sustain their virtual needs. We provide several options for tailoring the booths. Our exclusive range of features allows the exhibitor to choose various colors, banners, functionality, icons, symbols, videos, pictures, or even PDF. 

Latest Tools and Features 

In any event, the audience’s experience is everything. So the use of the latest tools and features to hold the audience is imporatnt. Some of the highly recommended features are Gamification, Leaderboard, Social Wall, AR photobooth, and many more. These features will keep your audience hyped during the event. 


As a matter of fact, many people attend expos for the primary purpose of meeting new people and connecting widely, which includes potential customers, vendors, contractors, and so on. A tool for networking is important and highly recommended. 

Analytics and Feedback Post-Event 

For any event, well-drafted analytics and feedback are highly important post the segment. Another area in which virtual events dominate over physical events is access to feedback and analysis. You can track individual attendees’ activity during the event and get a lot of valuable feedback from attendees.

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