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The ongoing pandemic has risen the demand for Virtual events and there’s some fierce competition existing right now which shows it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise and stand out of the mushrooming crowd. Virtualive believes that promoting an event doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to break your bank. How? Well, we have compiled all the necessary tips to get you going. Feel free to use this as a guide to promoting your event or as a reference whenever you ought to seek inspiration.

Let’s get started and learn how to create buzz, have attendees sign up, and increase engagement with the event:

1) A compelling Landing page 

This is the doorway for your virtual event so make it as interesting and eye-catchy as possible. Firstly, make sure to include all the important details on this page like Date and Time, Agenda, Relevant signup links, Speaker biographies, payment details if applicable, and sponsor information.

Pro Tip- To enhance the virtual event experience, get people excited about your virtual event by sharing a sneak peek of the event.

2) Social Media Promotion 

According to a survey, around 3.96 billion people, which comes around 58% of the world population, globally use social media across multiple platforms. So, if your virtual event needs to be on social media and promoted eventually, you need to tap on social media real soon.

Redirect your audience to the landing page via social media. Using relevant and popular hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is the best way to reach your audience and we would suggest you create a hashtag for your event as well. 

Pro Tip-  Always make sure your event hashtag is included in all of your social media communication.

3) Email marketing 

With the popularity of social media, it’s easy to overlook the power of Email marketing. We suggest you don’t. Email is still by far the most effective online marketing channel to promote an event.

Pro Tip- Always update your customers about your virtual events and link all the existing content through email so as they can bring in more engagement to your landing page.

4) Maximise SEO 

To boost attendance and enhance the digital event experience it is highly important to use keywords on all the content used for promotions or otherwise.

Pro Tip: Always research industry-related, high-performing keywords and target those through the content. Also, pay attention to basic SEO requirements like tags, formatting, meta descriptions, and many more.

5)Press Release 

Why be the only one person speaking about your exclusive event. Get other people talking as well. Press releases are just as effective and highly important. Write a press release with all of the information on the event's who, what, when, where, why. 

Pro Tip: Include the relevant keywords and the key information you included on the landing page.

6) Content Marketing 

Crisp and easily digestible content forms the backbone of your entire virtual event marketing strategy. Use them well, it can make you stand out of the crowd.

Pro Tip:  Write blogs and include them on your website and share it with your networks.

7) Giveaways and Offers 

If you want to enhance and engage the audience to your virtual event on a larger scale, it is always suggested to get into giveaways and offers. It is always interesting when people get a freebie or the chance to win something, they get excited and in turn, results in extensive engagement! 

8) Referral Marketing 

Word-of-mouth marketing is a super strong way to gain traction. Always make sure that whenever a visitor is turned in to attendee, he becomes your future referral.

Pro Tip: Always encourage people to share your specific event on their personal social media once they’ve signed up.

9) Influencer Marketing 

To further spread the word about your event, influencer marketing is quite a catch. Choose macro and micro-influencers from your specific industry and event category, respectively.

Pro Tip: Always partner with influencers for multiple social media platforms with a wide reach.

10) Spread the word through speakers & sponsors 

It’s a win-win when sponsors and speakers spread the word about your event, it helps you open it up to a wider audience. Make sure to provide all the information they need to promote the event on their channels. 

From generating a super sensitive buzz to getting multiple registrations, the ROI for these promotional activities can be immeasurable and unimaginable. With some pro tips from Virtualive, it might be safe to say that you definitely have a magnetic event lined up. What are you waiting for? You can start advertising and selling tickets right now!


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