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Virtual events are the new normal for the events industry. Businesses across the globe are now incorporating virtual events to reach the local, as well as the global audience of zillions of individuals in different places as well as in different time zones. It might appear that planning a virtual event is easy as it doesn’t withhold the hassle of physical events but this segment tags along with its own challenges. It’s high time we embrace the change and not underestimate the sheer scale, along with appreciating the benefits offered by virtual events

For a memorable virtual event experience, it's highly important to choose the correct vendor which implies winning the battle halfway through. The other half is managed with the help of promotional activities that help to bring in the desired relevant and significant audience.    Eventually, You can achieve high attendees’ registration; conversation and leads for your business.

We have compiled all the key points that can help you build a marketing plan for an event that’s taking place online. Here is all you need to know about how to promote your virtual event in 2021.

Create an Eye-catching and attractive Virtual Event page

It's important to use eye-catching graphics to grab attention. Create a layout that helps you grab the audience. Make sure you’re including all the important details regarding your online event on your event page. Our motive should be to create a space that acts as a one-stop-shop for all the details regarding the event.  Most importantly, make sure to put the time and date of the event, the list of speakers with a short bio for each speaker attending the event, and a registration button along with payment options for ticketed events. 

With advanced virtual event platforms like Virtualive, get all the important requisite from our side with built-in registrations, worldwide online ticketing, live streaming. Additionally, also grab our premium service of pre-recorded videos, customizable agenda with sessions and many more.

Use Social Media Extensively

Social media is important to tap on, for virtual events promotion. Incorporating the promotion for upcoming events into social media is a key component to increase event awareness and eventually, registration count and attendance. For virtual event marketing, use stories on social media to update on upcoming events, link it directly to the registration pages or further event information for overall reach.

Additionally, you can use Facebook Events, which is available free of cost, user-friendly and helps you keep track of all your attendees.

Make the event SEO Centric

It is best to be strategic with keywords to target and use SEO activities for virtual events. You can do that by using a keyword planning tool like Google Ads to find what relevant words your target audience is searching for. You can then include those keywords in the content that you use to promote your online event.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective marketing strategy when it comes to promotion. For online event promotion, it acts like a catalyst that enhances the reach far and wide. It is very important to get started with email marketing to promote a virtual event across the globe.

Go for Word Of Mouth Promotion

In today’s hyper-connected world, a single recommendation can have a greater impact. It is important to actively influence and encouraging organic word of mouth discussion about an event to reach a wider audience. Ask registrants to use your virtual event’s hashtag on their social media whenever they share any information about it. Offer incentives to individuals who can get a particular number of people to sign up for your event.

Promote your Event through various Vlogs

Video content has the power to grab user’s attention for a longer period of time. Create multiple short and engaging videos that cover the highlights of your previous events, and promote the content via paid ads, through mailers, and by sharing on your brand’s social media accounts.

Competition is fierce. And simply having a presence and a nice-looking website is no longer enough to make you stand out. Explore the virtual world of events and its promotional strategies to grab the best and reach audiences across the globe at the comfort of your home.


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