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As the world continues to deal with novel coronavirus, Virtual Events have slowly gained popularity across the globe. Without any doubt, virtual events are meant to be the next in-demand trendsetter for the events segment in 2021. The way virtual events showcase the new opportunities by overcoming all the hurdles of social and physical distancing incorporated due to the ongoing pandemic, virtual events seem to be the best to engage the audience from around the world. 

As per statistics, about 93 percent of event marketers have already planned to incorporate virtual events for the year 2021. The huge shift in event technology has made this happen, at ease without any hassle. Virtual events are trending these days and will remain popular in the coming year as well.

Virtual events are considered powerful because it has the capability to extend its audience to the entire world. While, in-person, events are always limited by location, whereas with online events, anyone with an internet connection can attend, if the event suits their purpose. 

Virtualive has come up with some ground-breaking and innovative ideas on conducting virtual events that you can incorporate while conducting any event in 2021. Without any further ado, let's get started.


Introduce your product to the audience worldwide with a Virtual product launch.

A virtual launch with all the features like video chat, webinars, presentations, videos easily available makes it super interactive and effective at the same time. Show off your product to the global audience at ease. Increase your prospective clients from around the world, seamlessly. 


Need to hire fresh and new talents? How about holding a virtual job fair? Don’t restrict yourself to the local talent pool, explore the global dimensions as well.

By leveraging the power of technology, you/ your organisation can easily hire a diverse range of employees without so-called geographical barriers. Conduct the interviews in real-time and collect resumes from the interested candidates.


The virtual trade show can be the right choice if you want to showcase your product or services at minimum cost with an objective to convert the leads. This method helps you to capture great leads effectively.


Onboarding and training have always been a matter of hassle and concern for both ends. Be it the imparting or receiving end, it seems quite a task to manage onboarding and training procedures. But with a virtual onboarding fair, uniformity has been introduced.

Employees hired from any location can access the virtual fair and get all the training material and joining documents. The joining formalities are also done at ease, making the entire process hassle-free.


Recruit the best students for a program. It is quite in demand during the lockdown phase. With a Virtual education fair, universities and colleges get a chance to showcase their own culture, values, and offerings to the global audience. 

For a long-lasting impression and engagement with attendees, get to chat, have video sessions, and get customised booth.


Now, you aren’t limited to any traditional in-person event. You don’t have to fly down to attend any meeting, henceforth. With an online conference, you have the flexibility to act as the host or exhibitor of the events, it depends on you. 

The best part is you can conduct webinars, have important chats, sessions, keynotes, etc at the comfort of your home.


The open day is also known as open houses held by colleges and universities help students to make a sound decision with their necessary information.

Universities can reach out to a vast pool of prospective clients and promote their programmes effectively. Also, information sharing is helpful through webinars and presentations.

Be a part of the trend of virtual events and utilise these ideas for an eye-catching and interactive online event in 2021. If you have got a lot of things on the shelf but have procrastinated because of COVID, now is the best time to think and execute the plans and jump-start with virtual events.

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