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Guide on Choosing the Best Virtual Event Software Platform in 2021

Soon after the lockdown, Virtual events have started gaining a lot of popularity, and that too for good! Now the state is such that the presence or absence of an online event platform determines the growth and brand image of an organization, altogether.

It is important to use a platform that acts like an effective tool that will help achieve all the set goals. With the help of virtual events platform, you can now target a wider audience, remove the existing geographical barrier, reduce carbon footprint and boost your ROI. 

Choosing the best virtual event software is an important step towards planning a successful online event. We have come up with the blog to help you judge the correct fit by listing down the essential features to look for while choosing an online event platform.


Quality matters the most in an online event. Do not stain your image as host by compromising on the quality as it can rupture the entire viewing experience for the attendees, ultimately declaring the entire event as a flop show. 


Before you move ahead, compare your budget against the event pricing. It’s much more important to understand the event’s expected ROI! Grab the best deal as there’re numerous event platforms available in the market in various price ranges, based on the features, services, and usability. Do not compromise on the features but you can always narrow down your search as per the budget.

Session Recording 

The best way to increase the life and reach of your virtual event is to record the sessions. Share your sessions on your social media platforms to reach the audience who might have missed the live session. 


Engagement is one of the founding pillars. One of the most critical features that you should look for is ‘Engagement’. Take the features which enable participants to ask questions, interact with fellow attendees, chat among themselves, and much more.


It is always a good idea to choose a virtual platform that supports networking. Audience who attend an event, similar to a physical event, like to join-in early and stay late post-event so as to grab a chance to interact with the speakers and co-attendees. 


The success of your event depends on how smoothly the platform functions. Usability is the key. The ease of operations, for e.g. setting-up, scheduling, sharing, recording, and many more convenient features should be existing in the chosen platform. Always make sure that the attendees can easily access all the information, and additionally watch and listen to your event. Make sure that the audience shouldn’t get frustrated while using your software.


Security is an important criteria and should be ticked off before finalizing a platform. User data security, meeting security, and privacy are the important aspects that should be taken care of.


Think from a long-term plan perspective. Check the prospective audience size that you would require to address even in the future. Have a futuristic view of the company’s growth if you aim to develop your events, your audience size, and your organization.


Get all the statistics required from the event. Post-event grab all the important attendee information through the registration process, check the attendee behavior, and along with their likes/dislikes.

Get a scalable platform that offers a wide array of features and services which can be used for online conferences, virtual fairs,  team meetings, informal get-togethers, feedback, and much more.

Follow these pointers and choose the best online event platform that provides you with the best features.

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