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Create your valuable hybrid event sponsorship proposal template like no other

We believe that creating an event sponsorship package and finding event sponsors is a key part of meeting and event planning. Your sponsors need to understand and see value in what you’re offering, otherwise, they will hesitate in taking the next step further. Also, from the audience perspective, people will attend your event if credible sponsors back it. 

To be seen, you need to beat a sea of competitors to win the sponsors attention and win them. We strongly believe that your hybrid event sponsorship proposal should be very powerful and impactful that your sponsors should say yes immediately. 

To start with competitiveness, it is important to plan an event sponsorship proposal template to compile an all-inclusive list of things to do, which can act as a good starting point. Let's discuss the most effective event proposal template with practical formats to get things going.

The introduction

Get a cover page done that represent the company profile and talks about the image of your company and states the theme of the event to be done.

This introductory page is very important in showcasing the first impression of your proposal, so be very selective of the content presented, and the images being used to gather eyeballs. Apart from that, it is important to mention vital information like venue, date, and potential sponsor’s name on this introduction page. 

Index the content

It is quite an important point as here you need to index the content in tabular form for easy navigation so that even a potential sponsor can spare some time to go through the profile and get a glimpse of your event or project in no time and make the decision concerning it. 

Clearly define the objective

Clearly define the purpose and objective of your event so that it is easily understandable. Keep it short, crisp and clear. Mention the benefits the sponsor will gain while supporting you. Answer this question in the best possible way to define the objective, and explain how it will solve the sponsor’s purpose equally. 

Mention the team Bio 

Build trust by introducing the team to the sponsors. Images are important to portray as it builds trust and has an inclination that a bunch of well-qualified professionals are available to connect at any point of the day.

Elaborate Sponsorship levels 

Clarify the options offered on different levels or packages of sponsorships. With more levels, it’s a good idea to list them in the form of tables. This improves readability and allows the potential sponsor to compare different options in one go.

Sponsors Representation 

The sponsor's representation is the integral part where the sponsors are the most interested in this segment. You can represent the sponsors before, during, and after the event. 

Make an offer that they cannot reject, introduce some new and innovative ideas for boosting their brand awareness. Sponsors are looking for brand visibility and lead generation by being associated with your event. 

You can plan a separate few perks for those event attendees who expressed interest in your sponsor’s products/services.

Events History

As a display of work, it is important to showcase the past events hosted by you and their results in terms of ROI/ KPIs. This inhibits a positive image of how seamlessly and successfully you hosted events and what sponsors can expect from an association of yours. It's important to display what your event can offer.

An image is worth a thousand words. Therefore, it is quite important to provide a sneak-peek into past successful events with images, videos and highlights from the list of past event sponsors. This might impress them and can make them evaluate your worth from the small cues given.

As you begin to create your hybrid event sponsorship packages, start with what you have and what you know. Consider what you would offer sponsors at an in-person event and if those options still work. You have the framework of what you are used to doing but think outside the box and reimagine as you go and create something which stands out and get you more sponsors.

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